Spring Workshops at Southern Exposure Gardens


Our Spring 2023 workshop offerings are sure to delight and with 10 different workshops to choose from, fun times are just around the corner. Don’t forget to also check out our specialty dining options.

Pictures and descriptions for each workshop are listed below. 

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Please Note: Actual botanicals and other decorative items used will vary depending on availability.

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SE-01: Thursday, April 20, 6:00 PM, $85 NEW

Concrete Hen Statuary: A true classic

Chickens and roosters have inspired contributions to culture, art, cuisine, science and religion dating back almost two thousand years. And why wouldn’t they?  If you have spent any amount of time around these dinosaur descendants, you understand the enjoyment of observing their curious nature and natural intelligence. With the increased interest in backyard chicken coops, they remain a popular subject of all different medium of artwork including garden statuary. In this workshop, you will bring to life a 15” hen statue using outdoor acrylic paint, but not before enjoying a hearty meal prepared by our chef. Please Note: This workshop is occurring at the same date and time as SE-02: PAINTED TURTLE STATUARY. Seats for this workshop are limited so be sure to reserve your seat quickly!

Turtle Finished


SE-02: Thursday, April 20, 6:00 PM, $85 NEW

Concrete Turtle Statuary: Adding color to concrete

Concrete statuary is a whimsical addition to any garden landscape and is found in numerous gardens. It is beautiful in its natural form, but takes on a whole new life when color is added. Textures, lines, details, and artistic expression you had no idea existed, miraculously come to life with each stroke of your brush. In this workshop, you will bring a 12” concrete Western Painted turtle to life, but first you will enjoy a scrumptious dinner prepared by our chef. Please Note: This workshop is occurring at the same date and time as SE-01: PAINTED HEN STATUARY. Seats for this workshop are limited so be sure to reserve your seat quickly!



SE-03: Saturday, April 29, 2:00 PM, $75 NEW

Lantern Fairy Garden: An enchanted afternoon

Stories of fairies enchant and delight both children and adults alike. Fairy gardens, or miniature gardens, have become increasingly popular over the last several years with miniature plants and fairy decor being readily available at many nurseries. Fairy gardens can be simple or elaborate, but both are fun to create and add a bit of magic and enchantment to your garden. Spend a magical afternoon creating your own fairy garden in a charming lantern as well as enjoy a light lunch prepared by our chef. The workshop price applies to each individual in attendance as each participant will create their own fairy garden. Children are encouraged and welcome, but must be age 5 or older. Lantern dimensions are 5 ½”L by 5 ½”W by 12 ¼”H.



SE-04: Thursday, May 11, 6:30 PM, $85 NEW

Stone Mushroom Planter: Letting your creativity shine!

Do you love succulents as much as we do at Southern Exposure?  If so, odds are you will love this Stone Mushroom planter.  The addition of the Stone Mushroom sculpture, make this 10.5” x 12” x 12” planter not only unique, but sure to add beauty, charm, and whimsy to your décor either inside or outside. Enjoy a delightful evening filling this planter to the brim with succulents, as well as also savoring a sensational meal prepared by our chef.

Log Planter


SE-05: Thursday, May 25, 6:30 PM, $90 NEW

Edible Florals Log Planter: Functional beauty

Appreciating and utilizing the beauty of natural containers made of stone and logs is one of our favorite ways to create floral displays that add a delightful touch to the garden. We also love to utilize the edible elements from our garden to create lovely garnishes that add a touch of the garden’s beauty to your plated cuisine. In this workshop, you will fill a 10” x 16” log planter to the brim with edible flowering plants to not only display in your garden, but also learn how to harvest them to add your own exquisite garnishes for your next dinner party.  To start the evening, you will also enjoy an inspiring meal prepared by our chef.



SE-06: Thursday, June 1, 6:30 PM, $95

Fresh Cut Greens Spring Wreath: The beauty of spring on display!

Spring is one of the most anticipated seasons each year as the grey of winter gives way to all varieties and shades of beautiful greens, followed shortly by explosions of vibrant color. Wreaths are a decorative way to capture this spectacular transformation. Using all fresh cut greens and florals, spend an evening creating a breathtaking (both visually and aromatically), 10” wreath that not only welcomes spring, but will continue to delight as it dries. But first, you will enjoy a delicious meal prepared by our chef.


SE-07: Thursday, June 8, 6:30 PM, $90 NEW

Grow up….with Vertical Gardening: Up, up and away!

Think you don’t have enough space to grow a lot of plants? Tired of looking at that boring garage wall? Is your back sore from bending over to weed your flower beds? Then grow up!  If you’ve got a blank wall or bare fence that needs beautifying, you can tend edibles, annuals, even perennials with the vertical gardening ideas presented in this workshop — all of which inspire high hopes for the season ahead.  After you enjoy a delicious feast prepared by our chef, you will take a stroll through the garden as we show you another way to grow a garden vertically with climbing plants! You will then plant a 12” by 12” vertical garden in a homemade structure to take home to be displayed indoors or outdoors, in full sun or shade, depending on the plants selected. 



SE-08: Thursday, June 15, 6:30 PM, $95 NEW

A Love Affair with Lavender: The essence of a prized herb!

The scent of Lavender carried through the breeze can instantly create a sense of relaxation and calm. There is documented use of the herb Lavender for over 2,500 years and its popularity hasn’t waned. Egyptians used lavender as perfumes…the Romans used it as oils in their baths…and it’s also a favorite workshop here at Southern Exposure year after year. Spend a relaxing evening learning the history of this incredible herb. Each guest will prune and trim a Lavender Topiary, infuse lavender to make Lavender Soap, learn about essential oils versus hyrdrosols, and learn how to utilize lavender in a tasty treat and drink. But first, you will enjoy a calming meal prepared by our chef.



SE-09: Thursday, June 22, 6:30 PM, $90 NEW

The Art of Flower Pounding: Beauty transferred

There’s no doubt about it! Flowers are one of the focal points of spring and an inspiration to art, poetry, and love with their beauty and vibrance. Flower pounding is a technique allowing us to capture and display their beauty long after they naturally would have faded and withered away. By repeatedly striking floral petals and greens, their dyes are transferred onto another medium. In this workshop, you will explore the art of flower pounding by creating your own work of floral art onto fabric, and placing your masterpiece behind a white-washed 25” x 7.5” wood glass-paneled picture frame, allowing you to display those coveted spring florals all year round. But first, you will enjoy a tantalizing meal prepared by our chef.



SE-10: Thursday, June 29, 6:30 PM, $85 NEW

For the Love of Herbs: An aromatic celebration

Herbs have been in use for thousands of years and are celebrated for their versatility. They can be used in countless ways, from medicinal, to culinary, to beauty care, to decorative and to an endless list of other avenues. With so many benefits and different uses, they are a wonderful addition to any garden, easy to grow, and have always been a central focus here at Southern Exposure.  In this workshop, we will explore the world of herbs and create four different herbal goodies; rosemary-infused oil for culinary use, mint foot scrub for skin care, herbal smudge sticks to deal with those pesky mosquitos in summer, and an herbal tussie-mussie to send a secret message to someone special. You will also enjoy a mouth-watering meal prepared by our chef.

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