Spring Workshops at Southern Exposure Gardens


Our Spring 2022 workshop offerings are sure to delight and with 10 different workshops to choose from, fun times are just around the corner. Don’t forget to also check out our specialty dining options.

Pictures and descriptions for each workshop are listed below. Don’t despair if a workshop does not currently have a photo. Pictures are updated frequently as demos are completed.

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Please Note: Actual botanicals and other decorative items used will vary depending on availability.

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SE-01: Thursday, April 21, 6:30 PM, $90 NEW

Beautiful Blossoms: A Celebration of Spring Bulbs!

As the cold days begin to wane and the last patches of snow remain on the frozen earth, the rays of spring sunlight begin to peek through our windows indicating that warmer temperatures and the explosion of colors and vibrant greens are on their way. The wait becomes almost unbearable for the sprouts of crocus and daffodil to finally push their way to the surface for us to enjoy. But why wait? Get a jumpstart on enjoying spring’s beauty by displaying these beautiful spring bulbs inside and then planting the bulb outside for next year’s enjoyment. Join us as we fill a vintage 8” x 8” x 5” tin caddy with spring’s beauty, sure to brighten any room. But first, enjoy a spring-inspired meal prepared by our chef.



SE-02: Sunday, April 24, 1:00 PM, $90 NEW

Fairy Garden Tea Party: An Enchanted Afternoon

Stories of fairies enchant and delight both children and adults alike. Fairy gardens, or miniature gardens, have become increasingly popular over the last several years with miniature plants and fairy decor being readily available at many nurseries. Fairy gardens can be simple or elaborate, but both are fun to create and add a bit of magic and enchantment to your garden or any room. Bring your son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, or any special child in your life and spend a magical afternoon with them creating your own 12” x 7.5” x 15” fairy garden. But first, enjoy a tea party-themed lunch complete with vintage teacups to enjoy afternoon tea and then include the teacup in your final creation. Children must be age 5 and older.

Stacked Rock


SE-03: Thursday, April 28, 6:30 PM, $90 NEW

Modified Stacked Rock Birdbath: A work of art for your garden!

Garden cairns (stacked rocks) and the harrow disc birdbath are both Southern Exposure workshop favorites. What happens when you combine two greats together? You obtain a true work of art: a garden sculpture that marries beauty with function. In this workshop, we have modified the base of our stacked rock birdbath to create a beautiful piece that will be a stunning addition to your garden. You will create a 30-inch stacked rock, harrow disc birdbath on a wood base for an all-season focal point in your garden. Add some seasonal touches to this unique birdbath and enjoy a mouth-watering meal prepared by our chef.
Bench Statuary


SE-04: Friday, April 29, 6:30 PM, $110

Sit and Smell the Roses: Recreate old world elegance

Taking time to stop and enjoy nature’s beauty has actually been proven to increase happiness. What better way to contemplate the beauty that surrounds you than by providing a secret niche for two, where you can sit and smell the roses. Enjoy an evening learning a technique to antique garden statuary used by European gardeners. We have selected an embossed ivy concrete bench (14”X24”) for you to age and upon your arrival, you will enjoy an enchanting meal prepared by our chef.



SE-05: Thursday, May 5, 6:30 PM, $90 NEW

Blue Heron Planter: The Perfect Combination!

Do you love succulents and summer plants as much as we do at Southern Exposure? If so, odds are you will love this Blue Heron planter. The addition of the miniature version of our Blue Heron garden sculpture, make this 16” x 14” x 17” planter not only unique, but sure to add beauty, peace, and balance to your décor either inside or outside. Enjoy a delightful evening filling this planter to the brim with flowers, herbs, succulents, and scented botanicals as well as also savoring a sensational meal prepared by our chef.
Spring Wreath


SE-06: Friday, May 6, 6:30 PM, $95 NEW

Fresh Cut Greens Spring Wreath: The beauty of spring on display!

Spring is one of the most anticipated seasons each year as the grey of winter gives way to all varieties and shades of beautiful greens, followed shortly by explosions of vibrant color. Wreaths are a decorative way to capture this spectacular transformation. Using all fresh cut greens and florals, spend an evening creating a breathtaking (both visually and aromatically), 10” wreath that not only welcomes spring, but will continue to delight as it dries. But first, you will enjoy a delicious meal prepared by our chef.
Wine Glass


SE-07: Sunday, May 22, 1:00 PM, $95 NEW

Painted Wine Glasses: Letting the wine and your creativity flow!

Let your inner artist out as a local artist from Kalamazoo’s Wine and Canvas heads to Southern Exposure to take you step by step through creating a spring-inspired painted wine glasses masterpiece. Zero painting experience is required, so come enjoy an afternoon of great food, good friends, abundant wine, and an opportunity to leave your cares behind. You will start by enjoying a creative meal prepared by our chef, then let your creativity soar as you paint a beautiful design on 2-20oz wine glasses. Please note: This workshop will run approximately 4 hours including lunch, which is longer than most of our workshops. You must be 21 years of age to attend this event.

Butterfly Bath


SE-08: Thursday, May 26, 6:00 PM, $95

Maple Leaf Butterfly Bath: An oasis for our delicate-winged friends!

Birdbaths are a staple in most gardens, as they not only attract and provide an essential source of water to our winged friends, but also add a soothing and beautiful aesthetic. However, let us not forget about the other winged friends we also work to attract to our gardens—the butterfly. Butterfly baths provide a shallow oasis for these enchanting creatures that is all their own, and placing them throughout your garden adds whimsical and charming touches in every corner. Back by popular demand, in this workshop, you will create an 11” butterfly bath with a stone flower centerpiece that will be sure to attract these delicate beauties for your viewing enjoyment. The structure of this workshop will be slightly different to accommodate drying time for each of the steps. You will start in the workshop area to apply the base coat color to your concrete maple leaf water dish, then enjoy a delightful dinner prepared by our chef, and end where you started, to add the finishing touches to your butterfly bath.


SE-09: Thursday, June 2, 6:30 PM, $90

A Love Affair with Lavender: The essense of a prized herb!

The scent of Lavender carried through the breeze can instantly create a sense of relaxation and calm. There is documented use of the herb Lavender for over 2,500 years and its popularity hasn’t waned. Egyptians used lavender as perfumes…the Romans used it as oils in their baths…and it’s also a favorite workshop here at Southern Exposure year after year. Spend a relaxing evening learning the history of this incredible herb. Each guest will prune and trim a Lavender Topiary, infuse lavender to make Lavender Soap and a Sugar Scrub, and learn how to utilize lavender in a tasty treat and drink. You will also enjoy a relaxing meal prepared by our chef.



SE-10: Thursday, June 9, 6:30 PM, $90 NEW

The Art of Flower Pounding: Beauty transferred

There’s no doubt about it! Flowers are one of the focal points of spring and an inspiration to art, poetry, and love with their beauty and vibrance. Flower pounding is a technique allowing us to capture and display their beauty long after they naturally would have faded and withered away. By repeatedly striking floral petals and greens, their dyes are transferred onto another medium. In this workshop, you will explore the art of flower pounding by creating your own work of floral art onto fabric, and placing your masterpiece behind a white-washed 16” x 20” wood glass-paneled door wall hanging, allowing you to display those coveted spring florals all year round. But first, you will enjoy a tantalizing meal prepared by our chef.

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