How to Plan an Intimate Wedding

Plan an intimate wedding

Intimate weddings have become the wedding of preference for couples looking to create a memorable moment with their closest friends and family members. With guest lists that don’t exceed more than 50 people, the intimate or smaller wedding makes everything more affordable and easier.

Also gaining momentum is the micro wedding, also known as tiny weddings, they really reduce the guest list with as few as 10 invited guests. Of course, there are always couples looking for the ultimate micro wedding, with elopement wedding packages. The benefits of small weddings are hard to ignore, offering a chance to spend more time with the people you love the most in the world, reducing costs, and also opening up a far more interesting selection of tiny wedding venues. Here we offer tips on how to plan an intimate wedding in the Battle Creek, MI area.

The Ideal Intimate Wedding Venue

Intimate weddings tend to draw more attention to your surroundings. When you invite just a handful of guests, you need a wedding venue that helps create an intimate, special environment. Small venues also make the gathering feel cozy, as opposed to noticing the unused empty space of a larger venue. When wondering how to find the best tiny wedding venue near you, think small and eclectic.

In Calhoun County, for example, spots like Southern Exposure offer an idyllic setting with a charming rustic barn, set on lovely pastoral acreage with a peaceful English garden ideal for the ceremony. It is picture-perfect with the ideal capacity for smaller gatherings, but without sacrificing any of the important details guests expect at a wedding.

Choosing Your Guest List

Keep in mind it can be even more challenging creating a short guest list than it is for an extensive gathering. You might feel brutal as you slash more and more names to meet the micro wedding or small wedding criteria. Getting married in the era of COVID also might add further restrictions, which can make it easier when you have to let those close to you know you can’t include them!

The trick is to make a list of the people you can’t imagine not being present at your wedding, and then add people from there. Most couples will find this list is quite small, allowing them to expand based on their wedding venue guidelines. Don’t forget about the whole plus one conundrum. While partners tend to be included, people with less serious partners won’t be allowed a plus one.

Go with a Maid of Honor and Best Man

Small weddings are an excuse to avoid a wedding party. Wedding parties are difficult and expensive. It’s easy to choose your BFFs to stand up beside you, and leave the more illustrious wedding parties to people with entourages.

Consider Including Virtual Attendance

With so many virtual gathering platforms available, consider having a virtual attendance list for your ceremony. This will allow you to include more people who want to be there. It is the perfect compromise. Send e-vites to the people you would like to include, with the log-on details so people can plan to attend.

Splurge on Other Aspects of Your Wedding

Because you’ll save money on the guest list, consider areas of the wedding where you’d like to splurge. Perhaps it’s on higher-end champagne for your toast, a prettier gown, more extravagant wedding bands, or a fancier vehicle to transport you to the wedding. It might be bespoke wedding invitations or a more ornate wedding cake. A small wedding is a perfect opportunity to go big or go home for all the other wedding details.

Think of Ways to Involve Your Guests

The smaller the wedding the more leeway you have in your creativity. For example, perhaps you have your guests circle you as you exchange your vows. You might have a family-style seating plan at the reception at one long or round table. You might even include everyone at the rehearsal, or splurge on a caravan of vintage cars or horses and buggies to transport guests to the venue. You can spend more on the people invited to share the day, making them feel even more involved.

Create an Intimate Meal

Speak to your venue chef to come up with a unique, intimate menu that is flavorful, seasonal and elegant. Or go the other way and create something more casual with all your favorite comfort foods. With fewer people to please it’s fun to indulge your inner foodie, splurge on special ingredients, or create something truly unique to celebrate the occasion. And don’t forget little details at the dinner table such as handcrafted place cards, thank you notes or personalized messages, exciting gifts, or a special before-dinner treat.

If you know you are ready to book your own “tiny” wedding or are just curious to know more about Southern Exposure’s all-inclusive approach, contact our wedding coordinator today at (269) 300-8324.