SE-200 A Tribute to Veterans

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Travel back in time to the era of big band music, zoot suits, and victory curls as we pay tribute to our veterans and enjoy a World War II themed dinner. Dress in your 1930s to 1940s best as you enjoy a four-course meal inspired by the favorite dishes of the leaders that won the war. Please indicate if a veteran will be attending in the “Sit With” area during registration.

Fried Quail Egg, Potato Croquet, Country Ham, and Hollandaise sauce
(Our take on the original “Full Monty”, that is General Bernard Montgomery!)
Yorkshire Pudding with Onion Gravy
(The favorite dish of Sir Winston Churchill who inspired the United Kingdom until the US joined the war)
Country Captain Curried Chicken
(General George S Patton had a larger than life personality and this favorite dish has just as much flavor)
Jasmine Rice
Mixed Vegetables
Sweet Waffle & Marble Cookie a la mode
(French President Charles de Gaulle’s & President Eisenhower’s favorites)
Glass of wine selected by our Sommelier

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