SE-100 A Visit to China: The Chi of Cuisine

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Chinese history spans thousands of years, which has led to the development of rich and diverse cultural as well as culinary traditions. The Chinese believe there are five elements which must be kept in balance (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood), to achieve the most prosperous and healthful life.  This belief extends also to food, to create balance inside the body. Ken has spent over a decade visiting China and experiencing the varied and diverse cuisine this country has to offer. Please join us for a classic Chinese meal along with a few of Ken’s countless enchanting stories as Southern Exposure brings Chinese fine dining to southwest Michigan.

Jade Cocktail (welcome cocktail)
Roasted Peking Duck Bites with dipping sauce
Ken’s rendition of a Sichuan favorite, “The Hot Pot” & make your own dipping sauce
Five Spice Beef Short Ribs in Ching Kiang Sauce
     Sichuan Vegetable Rice
     Baby Bok Choy with mushrooms, garlic, and oyster sauce
Mango Vanilla Pudding with a Green Tea Orange Tart
Glass of wine selected by our Sommelier

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