SE-08 Maple Leaf Butterfly Bath

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Birdbaths are a staple in most gardens, as they not only attract and provide an essential source of water to our winged friends, but also add a soothing and beautiful aesthetic. However, let us not forget about the other winged friends we also work to attract to our gardens—the butterfly. Butterfly baths provide a shallow oasis for these enchanting creatures that is all their own, and placing them throughout your garden adds whimsical and charming touches in every corner. Back by popular demand, in this workshop, you will create an 11” butterfly bath with a stone flower centerpiece that will be sure to attract these delicate beauties for your viewing enjoyment. The structure of this workshop will be slightly different to accommodate drying time for each of the steps.  You will start in the workshop area to apply the base coat color to your concrete maple leaf water dish, then enjoy a delightful dinner prepared by our chef, and end where you started, to add the finishing touches to your butterfly bath.

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